Barista Training Courses

Barista Training

At Seasons for Coffee, we understand the crucial role that baristas play in representing your brand and delivering a variety of beverages to the very highest standard. This requires numerous skills, from strong communication and an appreciation of customer service to technical proficiency when creating high quality drinks on a consistent basis.

To assist with this, we offer varying degrees of barista training both at our own, well-equipped facility and on-site locations according to our clients' needs. As a recognised and certified City and Guilds training provider, we can deliver Level 2 Barista skills to hard-working students from across the UK.

Who Needs Barista Training?

Whether you own a coffee shop, a hotel or a public house, you are likely to use commercial coffee machines that create made-to-order, hot beverages for your customers. The specialist nature of these beverages often demands the skills of a trained barista, who can communicate the appeal of specific drinks to customers and deliver coffees quickly and efficiently.

What will I Learn at the Seasons Barista training course?

Our training course has been carefully designed, with a view to teaching students the complexities of various beverages and educating them on how to recreate these to a high standard. We will also teach techniques that allow you to achieve these standards on a consistent basis, regardless of the volume or orders you are dealing with.

We also place an emphasis on customer service and developing communication skills during the course of our training, improving the way in which our students interact with consumers.

Do I need experience ahead of the Session?

Whether you are an experienced barista who wishes to modernise your skills or new to the profession, our customisable courses can be tailored to suit your needs. We offer a comprehensive run-through of the basic skills required to be a barista, for example, while also teaching advanced techniques and theory preparation for more complex beverages.

How Long will the Barista Training Session Last?

We have already touched on the fact that our training sessions can be tailored to suit the nature and structure of your business, and this means that course can vary in length. As each program is customisable, you can effectively choose the duration of your course while also focusing on the core barista skills that you are required to develop. Typically, beginner courses will be longer, while students with experience and an existing skill-set can embark on shorter, more intense training.

How Much does Barista Training cost with Seasons for Coffee?

In terms of cost, we offer free barista training for our existing customers. So if you have an account and have already purchased from our diverse range of coffee machines and sundries, you can enrol on a complimentary course that is designed to enhance your barista skills.

We are not closed to applications from non-customers, however, so all baristas are welcome to contact us about our available courses. Places are available on a first-come, first-served basis, however, so please confirm your interest at your earliest convenience to avoid disappointment!

Get in Touch and Check-in with Seasons for Coffee Today

With our own, in-house training suite and a premium showroom available to customers, Seasons for Coffee is ready and able to meet your needs. Whether you want to book a barista course, sample our commercial machines or simply browse our wholesale range of consumables and tableware, please reach out to us and make contact today!